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I like Jensen Ackles and Aaron Tveit

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They hung up on me! What a bummer! x

since when is john williams 82 years old

that is not ok

fiiinally heard back that i got the job i applied to over a month ago!

yaaay employment!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Charlie Peters in 4.12 ‘Lazarus’ (Shameless)

omg i feel like i’m in middle school

one of my best friends is friends with the guy i went on a date with on sunday’s old roommate (so a friend of a friend of a friend)

and my friend just asked me if i thought he was cute because he wanted to know, which means he asked his friend who asked my friend


hi i just made an account at aven if you have one we should be friends or whatever it is on there also you should tell me how it all works

 Anonymous asked: "I hope you like terrible knock knock jokes. Knock knock. (This is you: Who's there?) Doris. (Your turn again: Doris who?) Doris locked. That's why I'm knocking."

wait omg this is my friends’ and my favorite joke


 Anonymous asked: "Seriously though, congrats for making it through the day. It takes a lot of strength to be like, "Yeah, today sucks but I'mma do it anyway.""

dude you rock thank you